The Riddle

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Ini sebenernya tugas kuliahku kemarin, tapi setelah aku pikir-pikir,

kayaknya cukup layak deh cerita ini untuk dipublish di blog aku ahaha..^^


Author : Anita R.

Universitas Islam Negeri Malang

English Language and Letters Department

The Riddle

The midday sun’s heat was merciless, bead of sweat rolled down and stung Ariana’s eyes. Her attempts to wipe them away had become futile as her sleeve was already too moist to help. Truthfully, her hope was waning, right along with her cocky confidence because suddenly the yellowish stone outside the window expanding before her felt larger and more intimidating in its mystery.

Grumbling, she trew her hands into the air before using both palms to pull the disheveled strands of her hair back. She sat at the white bed.

“Having doubts, are we?” A voice whispered closely next to her.

“If you don’t mind, I want to be left alone— I don’t want you to breath down my neck, Cavin.” Ariana didn’t have to grace him with a glimpse to know that at that moment he crossed his arms proudly to supplement his palpable self-righteous air. “I think I’ve realized that you’re naturally annoying.” She commented monotonously.

“Indeed, these past two weeks in this quiet room have been enjoyable, have they not?” He smirked at her.

“Go away..!!” She screamed, threw the glass of water to the white wall.

As soon as the yelled, a man run down to the room. Watching at Ariana from the window. “She’s getting worse.”

Ariana used to talk to herself, and ended up with a noisy voice from her room.

“Tell me, if you were the princess, and I— the long awaited heroic prince who has finally arrived to rescue you, how would I solve this riddle?” A man talked to himself.




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